Above is The Scumfrog Sunrise set from Robot Heart Burning Man 2014 (Wednesday morning.)

I come in with violin around 15:16, and again around 1:33.  photo 397471_10203859729951845_6862588559036348278_n.jpg

About Tallulah

Tallulah Kidd is an experimental electric violinist, serenading your senses with her soulful, hypnotic sound and intuitive improvisational style. Known for her drama and passion, you will be seduced by ethereal strings unfolding into wild, undulating melodies, ignited by the pulse of the crowd. Using Electric Violin and Boss Loop/FX system, she layers sounds from scratch, creating a vibe and space to go inward, explore, escape, empathize, and become immersed in a world of strings, sound, and self.

Tallulah Kidd has performed with major DJs such as The Scumfrog, and the originator of house music: Jesse Saunders. Among other DJs and artists she works with, she can often be found performing with Controllerist Jack Pharaoh, whose digital wizardry and infectious energy keeps the dance floor alive as he remixes music on the spot, collaborating live with an array of musicians and artists, to create an experience like no other DJ. Together they create an Intimate, unforgettable, unique journey fueled by the presence of the human spirit.

Upcoming 2015 Festival appearances include: Serenity Gathering, Lucidity, Bequinox (LA Regional Burn,) Deep Aura Gathering, and more. Past festivals include Burning Man, ElectriCocoon's Yellow Vortex Festival, Soultruistic, and YOUtopia. Other projects include Queen Mary's Dark Harbor, The Toledo Show, Constructs of Ritual Evolution (CoRE), her "Space Tour America," performance art, and serenading a wide variety of local events, such as those put on by Noise Revolt, Triptych, Desert Dwellers, Terrakroma, and Psytribe.

Tallulah's improvisational style complements a range of electronic musical genres, and she has been featured and recorded alongside an assortment of DJ's and artists. She is known for being a "Musical Chameleon" who can adapt to any sound. She has played everything from Bluegrass to Trance.

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A Song for Bubby

  Happy Birthday Bubby! I was so touched by your story on the news! (Story here.) You are so brave and such a warrior. I have lived almost 30 years on this earth and I don't have half your strength.  You are turning 9 years old, which is almost a decade! I remember when I was 9 I … [Read More...]


CoRE show in Columbus, Ohio for Piercology

This show was by far one of the coolest I have had the honor of performing. Since becoming a member of CoRE a year ago, I have been wanting to perform a show. The show was to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Piercology, a popular piercing studio in Columbus, Ohio. The show had a variety of acts, … [Read More...]

Serenading the Mind

The Psyoliness

I am excited to start adding fresh electronic sounds to the world thanks to my brand new BOSS Pedal board, and a couple amazing DJs/Controllerists whom I vibe with awesomely! I made my Debut as The Psyoliness at Soultruistic Music Festival last week. Sadly, I do not have a decent recording of … [Read More...]


The Space Violinist

I fell in love with space when I was chosen to view the final launch of Discovery from the press site. I wrote about the first experience (when the launch was scrubbed) in this piece: NASA Wonderland. I returned for the second go, and witnessed the final launch of Discovery, STS-133. Overcome … [Read More...]


Be a Renegade of Change

'The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.' - Socrates If all the energy and emotion people spent on politics and religion were spent actually connecting with and helping their fellow human beings, the world would be a better place. The … [Read More...]